What Is Design/Build?

As a design/build firm Old Hampshire Designs coordinates directly with you throughout the entire building process. We begin by offering you a no obligation initial review of your site by one of our designers. The next step involves creating conceptual sketches. During the design phase we work with you to determine your goals, develop a budget and create your customized plans complete with construction specifications. We then acquire the permits, manage the subcontractors and billing, and construct the home. The integrated design/build collaborative is a proven construction approach that results in a highly efficient and seamless transition from initial concept to completion.

If you’re already working with your own architect or designer, we also enjoy working exclusively as a General Contractor. We are available for renovation consultations and commercial construction. Our skill set and expertise results in projects that successfully stay within the budget and timeframe that you choose. Please let us know if you have any specific questions about this process, we are here to help.

What Is Timberpeg®/Timber Frame?

Since 1984, Old Hampshire Designs has been an award-winning representative of Timberpeg®, an internationally leading timber framing company. Setting the standard for quality design and construction, Timberpeg® offers many standard or custom designed homes that can be easily adapted to meet your site and lifestyle needs. Old Hampshire Designs will work with you to custom design the ideal home for you and your family. For more information about Timberpeg® construction, visit, or give us a call. 

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A standard Package for a Timberpeg® building consists of the following:

1. Eastern white pine or Douglas fir timber frame*
2. 2×8 t&g decking for the decking/ceiling finish
3. Drywall (B.O.)
4. 6-1/2″ Structural Insulated Panel
5. Felt paper (B.O.)
6. Drainage plane material
7. Andersen®, Marvin, or Eagle® windows and doors
8. Clear vertical grain cedar bevel siding
9. Aye & better grade Western red cedar or PVC trim
10. 1×8 or 2×8 t&g decking
11. 1/2″ layer of exterior grade plywood (B.O.)
12. 6-mil polyethylene vapor barrier (B.O.)
13. Blocking at perimeter of roof for nailing on fascia trim
14. 4″ or more of Polyisocyanurate foam insulation
15. Double layer of 1×4 strapping for venting
16. 5/8″ exterior grade plywood (B.O.)
17. Felt paper (B.O.)
18. Architectural grade composition shingles
*Timber Frame Includes a 10 Year Structural Warranty





Building Green

A Common Sense Approach

Our approach to green building starts with common sense. Basic principles, such as siting the house to take advantage of passive solar gain, proper insulation and ventilation, and using the right windows, can make a huge difference in your home’s energy efficiency and impact on the environment. We also work with a LEED-certified architect and are a proud member of the New Hampshire Green Building Council. We’ll work with you to develop a green building plan that meets both your needs and budget.

Building Green From Start to Finish

Old Hampshire Designs is an Energy Star Partner and green building begins well before we break ground on your new home. Whether your home is conventionally framed, timber framed or a hybrid of the two, we can provide you with FSC-certified wood, grown in well-managed forests as certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.  Timperpeg®’s factory cut frames from FSC-certified Douglas fir or eastern white pine grown here in the northeast, plus their Structural Insulated Panel (SIP’s) system of construction minimizes waste.  As a building material, wood is a renewable resource, grown without artificial energy, and endures for generations.  It is also important that our suppliers share the same commitment to sustainable practices and we seek out individuals and businesses that work towards green building.

Finding the Right Shade of Green

All Timberpeg homes exceed Energy Star ratings, and we can custom design your home to go up to the level of green that’s right for you. Technology has made former cost-prohibitive energy improvements, such as closed-cell insulation and solar voltaic shingles, more affordable than ever before. But it’s also important to understand which technologies make sense for your lifestyle and budget before you invest. We’ve been building “green” since we began in 1984, and can help you explore your green options to both reduce energy dependence and create a safe, healthy home.

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